Skip The Radio, Turn On The Podcast

I’m not a radio guy. I listen to it in the car, but most of the time the DJs just irritate me or the music is crap. I’m not really into the whole digital broadcast thing either (yet) but I have found one source of listening that I really enjoy: podcasts. And one particular stream that I really enjoy is Barbell Shrugged. They consistently provide brilliant, interesting info. The guys behind the podcast are skilled trainers and coaches (mostly CrossFit-based) – they’re smart, down-to-earth guys that interview interesting people, mostly in fitness and health but also in other fields. Case in point, this interview with Tim Ferriss, the self-made genius and three time NY Times bestselling author behind the Four Hour brands: the Four Hour Work Week and the Four Hour Chef to name two of them. I’ve also included the clip at the bottom of the post, but if you are interested in smart fitness content, then subscribe to them on YouTube and iTunes.  Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 1.30.16 PMDo me a favour and listen to this podcast. It’s not just for lifters or fitness-mad people, there’s sound advice in this particular interview that’ll help you in every part of your life. I’m very sceptical of “life coaches” and flaky information – this is real, practical advice that’s been proven. It’s long, but put it on in the background and give yourself some time to listen. The biggest lesson I have learnt from Ferriss is self-experimentation, he breaks down his life into two week test periods that he uses to improve his life. It’s a simple method that has resulted in most of his success. Also, I loved the fact that he referred to Bad Science by Ben Goldacre – one of my favourite books.

Now I just need to do a little tech experimentation so that I can listen to them in the car every day. I’m working on it.

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