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Specs for the whole family.
Let me start with a confession. I don’t need spectacles. My vision is fine, and I’m not a big believer in wearing specs for show (when you don’t actually need them). But I’m always on the look out for great gear and products, and I was sent a package of James Bensen spectacles for 5 days to do a gear review. It’s the first time this brand is being launched in South Africa, and I was really impressed by their service. Here’s why:
  • It has a brilliant charity benefit. Every pair of James Bensen prescription glasses bought, a complimentary pair is given to someone in need through the charity Vision Spring.
  • The ‘5-frame for 5 days’ Home Try-On program is smart. You choose your five favourite frames online, then all of them are sent to you so that you can find your favourite. I liked all the options I was sent, but the Noah style was my pick. I roped in some of the other family members as models, and even though the specs were all male styles – my family still rocked them (especially my daughter Georgia). The program gives you 5 days to find your new look, with free shipping both ways. There’s no pressure to buy either, so there’s no risk from your side. The specs obviously come with sample lenses – not prescription ones. Only your final pair gets them.
  • They’re relatively cheap. A pair of handmade James Bensen eyeglasses or spectacles costs R995, and that includes single vision prescription, which includes anti-reflective, anti-scratch and UV protection coatings at no additional charge. And it has a one year warranty on the frame. No sneaky extra costs.

Light and comfortable; has a simple design with a high build quality (acetate and titanium – no plastic); excellent value; the 5 program makes it easy to choose the right pair; the charity angle is a great one; the Face Shape Guide is a helpful feature.

CONS: I honestly couldn’t find any real cons. The only (slight) con could be the number of styles, they could offer more, but that might be because they’re still importing all the options (they’ve just started selling in South Africa).

IS IT FOR YOU? If I ever need to invest in a pair of spectacles – then this brand will be my first stop. They offer simple, stylish, comfortable eyeglasses at a brilliant price. And they offer a charity angle too. If you need a pair of specs and are tired of paying inflated rates, then this is the option for you.


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