Safe In Sound

There are few things better than when you find a piece of gear that has the trifecta of greatness. It works brilliantly, it looks good, and it’s got a build quality that’s not going to let you down anytime soon. This has been one of my best gear investments, as high-quality portable sound is a luxury – a luxury that you’ll only appreciate once you’ve got it. Almost all the gear I feature here on Mantra is stuff that I’ve bought and that I really believe in (and I don’t get paid in any way to review) – and this is one of my favourites. I’ve also recommended it a little while back on a friend’s style and fashion website, Mr Doveton, check out that post here.

But back to the music machine – most of the wireless competition in the market sound like tinny PC speakers and have a terrible build quality. Those two factors are exactly what set this Bluetooth-powered speaker apart. Thanks to Bose’s technical wizardy and next-level engineering, the quality of sound that comes out of this little box is truly amazing (see the size comparison below), and the impeccable build quality and solid aluminium case means it won’t fall apart either. If you want to make it even tougher, you can invest in bright rubber cases that add another layer of armour. Charging is dead simple, just slot it into the handy charging cradle which doubles up as a home base, and it’ll power up quickly. Pair it up via Bluetooth to your laptop, smartphone or tablet, and you have instant, potent sound that’s clear, well-balanced and doesn’t rely on bass-booming gimmicks to impress.

Granted, it’s not cheap – but if you invest in quality like this, it won’t let you down in a few years time. Consider it a sound investment to play music off your phone, tablet or laptop. Buy it here. Then start hooking up the perfect playlist.

PROS: Excellent sound clarity and volume, brilliant build quality, decent battery life, and is truly portable.
CONS: Expensive. With certain smart phones, the Bluetooth tech takes a few minutes to link.




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