Rise Of The Robot

I’m cheating a little with this gear review. Normally I’ll only review stuff here that I’ve bought, but I don’t actually own a DJI Phantom 2 Drone, and I haven’t actually used one yet. But in saying that, it’s definitely something I want to own one day (when my bank balance grows up). Used by smart advertising creatives and photographers worldwide, you combine the high-flying skills of the Phantom 2 with a Go Pro for some incredible results. Perfect example is the clip below, created by talented professional photographer Eric Cheng. If that doesn’t make you want to invest in one (which you can buy through¬†Action Gear as a full set including the Go Pro and attachments for roughy R26 000), then I don’t know. I’m just hoping Eric does clips for Durban and Joburg too.

A birds-eye view of Lion's Head with a Phantom 2 Drone.

A birds-eye view of Lion’s Head with a Phantom 2 Drone.

The complete DJ Phantom 2 package with Go Pro.

The complete DJ Phantom 2 package with Go Pro.

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