FKT: Fastest Known Times

This story is the literary equivalent of the perfect storm for me. It’s a collaboration with one of my favourite magazines and brands, Outside, and one of my favourite writers – Christopher McDougall, famous for penning the brilliant Born to Run. I’d never heard of FKT before, or at least, not in the way it’s meant to be understood. But this has me intrigued. Racing up mountains with no real equipment or safety back-ups may sound suicidal, but it’s exactly what the world’s best ultrarunner, Kilian Jornet, considers a proper challenge. Before this, I know that Ueli Steck was famous for speed-summiting insanely high mountains and peaks like Eiger. But Jornet seems to take this to the next level, wanting to run up Everest as quickly as possible – and without oxygen. It may sound crazy, but he is arguably one of the top 5 fittest athletes in the world at the moment. Read the whole Outside story here. And if you want something as a real comparison – Jornet did a speed ascent of a mountain closer to our borders: Kilimanjaro. He did it in 5 hours, 23 minutes and 50 seconds. Now that’s FKT.


Kilian Jornet and his trademark speed spring.


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