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Mark Koekemoer

WHO: Mark Koekemoer, The Gameplan Coach
LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa
SPECIALITY: Tailored health and nutrition coaching
A little disclaimer here, Mark is a friend, teammate and training partner, but first and foremost, he also one of the best and most passionate coaches you’ll find in the country. Training as a coach at Cape CrossFit, I’ve also featured him in Men’s Health, in the January issue (see below). He has an interesting story to tell – he’s a diabetic, and it’s forced him to work harder in training and made him more selective in what he uses as fuel. He has used himself as a living, breathing test case – and everything he has learnt has been bundled into his new website and fitness offering. He has a level one certification from Precision Nutrition, and CrossFit certifications, and has been training people for a number of years now. If you’re looking to fix up what your eating plan, you’ll need to get a game plan from him. And it’s not just about food, Mark can find create a customised plan that’ll help you in your training and in your recovery. Visit his site at The Gameplan Coach and start playing the game a little smarter.

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Men's Health January 2015 Men's Health January 2015 Men's Health January 2015

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