The Search for The Right Words



The Mantra came about thanks to two things: the inspiration of my four-legged friends, and the need to find truth in fitness and the rest of my life. The handsome guy with the white chest is Frank The Tank, the brindle sidekick is Ruby, and the simple way they live (and enjoy) their lives is what motivates me to find the Mantras that work for me and hopefully for you too.


I’m a freelance writer and editor, but I spend most of my time as a Contributing Editor for Men’s Health magazine, and my focus is on fitness, adventure and gear. I’ve been a journalist for 11 years now, writing mainly for titles like Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Shape, but I’ve also done work for custom titles, copywriting (print and digital), advertising work, speech writing, graphic design, and helped to create a few apps. I studied journalism at Rhodes, then followed it up with a personal training course through ETA as it’s what I’m passionate about and has helped with my writing. I’m constantly on the search for a challenge and the right fitness formula, and have tried everything from running Comrades and spearfishing with sharks, to Ironman 70.3 and getting knocked out in a boxing ring. For more detail on my work history, check out this profile; and to see my most recent writing and editing projects, visit my Portfolio.


The content on The Mantra is not paid for in any way. I do these posts because I want to, and I believe in the work and research that I do for it. It’s a constant search for the right words and mantras, whether it’s truth in fitness or finding meaning through adventure. It covers what has (and what hasn’t) worked for me, and hopefully that can help others that are interested in the same kind of challenges and experiences. If you’re looking for a quick fix, this ain’t it. Vibrating dumbbells, hoodia diets and instant ab cream won’t be found here. What you will find: honest results; proper research; insightful commentary from the best coaches, trainers, and dieticians; and pure enthusiasm on my part to try almost anything. The Mantra will always be a work in progress, it’ll follow a constant learning curve.


When it comes to the gear, most of the products I review for The Mantra is stuff I’ve bought personally, and if I’ve been given the gear to test, I’ll make sure it’s explained in a disclaimer or described upfront. If I do get any brands keen to advertise on the site, they won’t have any impact on the content.


I live in Cape Town with a beautiful, understanding wife, two spoilt Staffies and a happy daughter. If you’d like to work together, see my Contact page. If you have a Mantra you want to share, let me know.