A Few Clicks Of Adrenalin

If you, like me, get wanderlust regularly, and are constantly thinking of ways to escape into a new adventure, I’ve collected a few tactics to help you to revel in the spirit of leaving the office desk and deadlines behind. Get a cup of the strong stuff and start planning your escape.

  1. First step: visit InfinityList. This is my one-stop go to site for inspiration, an instant adventure injection. If you don’t feel like wading through all the clips, check out the most hyped options for the month – it’s a nice way of quickly seeing the most popular clips on the site.
  2. If InfinityList doesn’t inspire you, visit Blue Chalk, and check out this video called A Tribute To Discomfort.
  3. Another great movie maker is Casey Neistat. He has a whole host of clips to watch, but my favourite is still one of his oldest ones, one that he did as an ad for Nike: Make It Count.
  4. Buy tickets to the Banff Film Festival, and settle in with some popcorn. You’re guaranteed to walk away with itchy feet and pumped-up ambition.
  5. Lastly, hit up Travelstart. You can find the best rates for your international adventures. The site is great for playing “what if” – even if you don’t actually buy a ticket, it’s still window-shopping for a new adventure.




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